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Kopfgeldjagd bei Heros Inn 2/2018 - List of Participants

1. Björn aka "Superwaldi"DMönchengladbach155Scum and VillainyTargetlocks MGyes
2. Jan aka "Crip"DMönchengladbach642RebelsTargetlocks MGyes
3. Sawas aka "Zyphr74"DHerzogenrath565RebelsaiX-Wingsyes
4. Cem aka "Lethality"DAachen261Scum and VillainyaiX-Wingsyes
5. Sascha aka "Mokel"DAhaus-Scum and VillainyChicken Xwingsyes
6. Jonathan aka "Darth_Johnny"DMönchengladbach-RebelsChicken Xwingsyes
7. Jan aka "Azriel"DMönchengladbach-RebelsChicken XWingsyes
8. Patrick aka "Evan"DGrevenbroich616RebelsSchwingen der Hoffnungyes
9. Sandra aka "Naaya-"DGrevenbroich881Scum and VillainySchwingen der Hoffnungyes
10. Leon aka "Gefluester"DGrevenbroich674Scum and VillainySchwingen der Hoffnungyes
11. Patrick aka "Arilion"DGrevenbroich220RebelsSchwingen der Hoffnungyes
12. Marcel aka "Frerin"DAachen103RebelsaiX-Wingsyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
13. Jannik aka "DodoVonDegurechaff"DBad Oeynhausen352RebelsTGHno
14. Timo aka "Timo7777"DAachen19RebelsaiX-Wingsno
15. Tobias aka "Gwengameboy"DDüsseldorf867Empireno
16. Marcus Ernst aka "Zim75"DLinnich1177Rebelsno
17. André aka "Silence2202"DWesel327RebelsRockhoppers Rhein/Ruhrno
18. Fabian aka "Slaxxer"DAachen859Empireno

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

Distribution of Armies
Scum and Villainy:5
Distribution of Origins
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