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Jahresabschluss-Mini-Turnier OCW - List of Participants

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1. Bettina "Amidala" RöhrichDSpremberg302Scum and VillainyOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenznono
2. Martin "Kyoto87" MüllerDDresden265Scum and VillainyOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenznono
3. Enrico "Enno" KuppeDDresden101RebelsOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenznono
4. Henning "PartyMareike" LeideckDDresden390EmpireOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenznono
5. Marcel "Dalli" HerzogDDresden66EmpireOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenznono
6. Carsten "caolilan" ScheibnerDGreiz72Scum and VillainyOne-Crit-Wonders Elbflorenznono

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