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1. Wormshammer Underworlds - List of Participants

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1. Dorian aka "Totorostraum"DHeidelberg68Sepulchral GuardAncient Chinese Techniquesyes
2. Swen aka "Zinyadu"DWorms131Ironskull's Boyz1.Tabletop Worms e.V.yes
3. Thomas aka "DieMeise"DHeddesheim119Steelheart's ChampionsQuadrate-Klopperyes
4. Sebastian aka "Xebst"DBrühl54Sepulchral GuardEpic Womp Ratsyes
5. Fabian aka "Dragonet"DHeidelberg61Steelheart's Championsyes
6. Christian aka "waffls"DLampertheim-Garrek's ReaversAncient Chinese Techniquesyes

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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