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Herzogstadt Masters - List of Participants

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1. Thomas "Ieldin_Soecr" HantschelDMünchen18HaqqislamHammer und Schild e.V.no
2. Jörg "Severian" SommerfeldASalzburg-PanOceaniaComitatusno
3. Thomas "Lord_Skrolk" HolzerASalzburg-Yu Jingno
4. Alexander "MadCadian" BandatASalzburg-HaqqislamComitatusno
5. Stefan "JackyZ" ZscharnDPenzberg71NomadsMEK Paradisono
6. Norbert HofmeisterDLeiblfing-USAriadna Ranger ForceGäubodenstrategen e.V.no
7. Jana "SorayaHaqqislam" ZscharnDPenzberg284HaqqislamMEK Paradisono
8. Nikolaus "Brazzo" SchultzDBurghausen99TohaaLonesome Frontiersmanno
9. Andreas "just4fun" CamelotASalzburg-Yu Jingno
10. Florian "Haqq34" Mr.tASalzburg-Haqqislamno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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