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Bavarian Masters 2018 - List of Participants

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1. Tim "The_Hatstepper" MackDSaarbrücken12The OutcastsSaar-Hammerno
2. Maximilian "Steve-El-Tragger" ReichlDRosenheim25The GremlinsRosenheimer Tabletop-Clubno
3. Leonhard "Averru" ReichlDRosenheim30The ArcanistsRosenheimer Tabletop Clubno
4. Benedikt "RitzititzDerWilde" GrößwangDKolbermoor79The ResurrectionistsRosenheimer Tabletop Clubno
5. Wolfgang "Bering" HillenbrandDChieming98The OutcastsRosenheimer Tabletop Clubno
6. Tobias "Soulkeeper" BrendelDRosenheim-The ResurrectionistsRosenheimer Tabletop Clubno
7. Tobias "Cheros" TrögerDFreiberg124The ResurrectionistsTabletop Sachsenno
8. Fabian "Kalipsou" RaßmannDGroßkarolinenfeld73The OutcastsRosenheimer Tabletop Clubno
9. Maximilian "Space_Monkey" WopfnerDFürstenfeldbruck129The OutcastsFeldfürsten e.V.no
10. Keven "Vidocq" PlümeckeDHausham89The NeverbornRosenheimer Tabletop Clubno
11. Martin "Hartmann" SuchenwirthDGermering120The NeverbornFeldfürsten e.V.no
12. Jörg "Severian" SommerfeldASalzburg-The NeverbornComitatusno
13. Bernhard "bnf" FischerDHeidelberg-The Outcastsno
14. Martin "Gwarock" HuppertDSchwabhausen90The GremlinsFeldfürsten e.V.no
15. Markus "Rat_der_Raben" HelmesDPullach46The Guildno
16. Andreas "Onkel" UnterleitnerDRosenheim-The OutcastsRosenheimer Tabletop-Clubno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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