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Schottnscheam Drei Kini - Pilsquelle - List of Participants

1. Nils aka "Bhaal86"DNürnberg-Steelheart's Championsyes
2. Stefan aka "Mosch"DMünchen46Steelheart's ChampionsWeiß-Blaue Strategenyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Christian aka "DonWoodyCosta"DFahrenzhausen192Ironskull's Boyzno
4. Rolf aka "Molf"DFreising-Steelheart's Championsno
5. Pasqual aka "Terrorjedi"DMeerbusch-Garrek's ReaversSchattenwölfeno
6. Christian aka "Sledge"DMünchen202Steelheart's Championsno

Distribution of Armies
Steelheart's Champions:2
Distribution of Origins
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