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De-Escalation over Barmbek I. - List of Participants

1. Peter aka "Mighty"DHamburg48Rebel AllianceSouth Side Banditsyes
2. Daniel aka "Frengor"DStockelsdorf1282Rebel AllianceTraveAviators TST e.V.yes
3. Wolfgang aka "DonAnus"DHamburg257Scum and Villainyyes
4. Arne aka "Taloncor"DHamburg348Galactic Empireyes
5. Aaron aka "AChapin"DHamburg281Rebel AllianceHyperspace Hotspursyes
6. Dennis aka "RogueLeader"DHamburg448Rebel AllianceNorth Rim Raiders, SZ-Wingyes
7. Tim aka "Tp824"DHamburg187Galactic Empireyes
8. Torsten aka "Cake_Princess"DHamburg-Scum and VillainyHyperspace Hotspursyes
9. Gregor aka "Loki-Wan"DHamburg67Rebel AllianceHolsten Infernoyes
10. Marc-Andreas aka "Reddead"DHamburg27Galactic Empireyes
11. Steffen aka "toshi"DHamburg256Galactic Empireyes
12. Michael aka "Woodpecker"DHamburg309Rebel Allianceyes

Distribution of Armies
Rebel Alliance:6
Galactic Empire:4
Scum and Villainy:2
Distribution of Origins
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