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Erstes Highlander Games Bremen Malifaux Team Turnier - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Daniel "AlphaOmegon" von AhnenDBremen-The OutcastsTeam Schwiftyno
2. Tobias "Ice-bomb" DagefördeDEimke10The ArcanistsBlack Sheepno
3. Philip "Fleup" von AhnenDBremen-The ArcanistsMit Arcanists kann's ja jederno
4. Markus "schlemil" von AhnenDCuxhaven3The Ten ThundersTeam Schwiftyno
5. Nino "Torsul" BeckDBremen-The GuildBlack Joker & Nuttenno
6. Hanna "Hanna" HannaDMeyenburg41The Ten ThundersBlack Joker & Nuttenno
7. André "MuMantai" KillingDBremen-The ArcanistsMit Arcanists kann's ja jederno
8. Jette "gypsy" SeilerDKiel78The ResurrectionistsBad Teams Happenno
9. Lukas "Duki" LanglottDKiel29The GremlinsBad Teams Happenno
10. Falk "Yasper" SchulteDBienenbüttel6The ResurrectionistsBlack Sheepno

List of teams

Registered teams
1Team SchwiftyAlphaOmegon, schlemil
2Black SheepIce-bomb, Yasper
3Mit Arcanists kann's ja jederFleup, MuMantai
4Black Joker & NuttenTorsul, Hanna
5Bad Teams Happengypsy, Duki

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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