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Red Lion Cup 2018 - List of Participants

1. (anonym)-Chaos Daemonsyes
2. Sebastian "Schnemo" SchneemelcherDSandkrug407Astra MilitarumPlaynetixyes
3. Fabian MosesDBurgdorf-Chaos Space MarinesDie Verdammtenyes
4. Gero "ColdBloodGod" LewandrowskiDBurgdorf1731Astra MilitarumDie Verdammtenyes
5. Mario "Duke" MüllerDMinden2119Chaos Space MarinesLone Wolfesyes
6. Frank "CptnBalu" MarquardtDOldenburg824Chaos Space MarinesPlaynetixyes
7. Patrick "Deathroller" HenniesDFreden (Leine)540Cult Mechanicusyes
8. Tadas "ElfHame" MartuseviciusDMinden-Chaos DaemonsLone Wolfesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
9. Pascal "Panne" PannickeDZerbst/Anhalt123Astra MilitarumIncredible Dicefuckersno
10. Peter "Anonym" MatzDBad Pyrmont655TyranidsHammertime Bad Pyrmontno
11. Simon "NeruvonoS" GottwaldDHannover42TauSinnlos im Weltraumno
12. Patrice "PalOfPates" MüllerDDessau50Blood AngelsIncredible Dicefuckersno
13. Lorenz "totesonne" HeikoDBraunschweig1514Eldarno
14. Alexander "Ale40k" NordtDBad Pyrmont339Chaos Space MarinesHammertime Bad Pyrmontno
15. (anonym)-Cult MechanicusMenelyano
16. Niklas "Garfield" MeinkenDBremen429TyranidsBremer Tabletop Verein e.V.no
17. Nils "Bonyth" VinsonDMelle-The Inquisitionno
18. (anonym)-EldarBlutspeerno

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

Distribution of Armies
Chaos Space Marines:3
Astra Militarum:2
Chaos Daemons:2
Cult Mechanicus:1
Distribution of Origins
Freden (Leine):1
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