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Berlin Seasons of War VI - List of Participants

1. Thorsten "Thorsten" K.DBerlin-Clans Skyreyesyes
2. Michael "Prophecy" FriedchenDBerlin24Slaves to Darknessyesyes
3. Max "Falandris" MustermanDBerlin21GreenskinzGork... oder wer's Mork?yesyes
4. David "Crauti" KatholyDBerlin166Nurgle Rotbringersyesyes
5. Dennis "Louzipfel" KempterDBerlin43Fyreslayersyesyes
6. Pascal "Malkier" ConradDBerlin45Tomb Kingsyesyes
7. Alexander "Corny" SchlagerDBerlin59Stormcast Eternalsyesyes
8. Lucas "Lucas" P.DBerlin-Kharadron Overlordsyesyes
9. Bertram "Barkley" RybaDBerlin144Grand Alliance Chaosyesyes
10. Toni "T-Zone" WildowDBerlin27Flesh-eater Courtsyesyes
11. Tom "Tom" H.DBerlin-High Elvesyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Clans Skyre:1
Flesh-eater Courts:1
Grand Alliance Chaos:1
High Elves:1
Kharadron Overlords:1
Nurgle Rotbringers:1
Slaves to Darkness:1
Stormcast Eternals:1
Tomb Kings:1
Distribution of Origins
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