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Operation Saxon Steed - List of Participants

1. Frank "Mister_Pink" RönspießDHannover5Shaltari TribesWardogs Hannoveryesno
2. Sascha "Shikatanai" HaagDUlm1Shaltari TribesDie Donautrolleyesno
3. Mario "Barkeeper" HöltgeDUlm2United Colonies of Mankind (UCM)Die Donautrolleyesno
4. Jan-Philipp "Darkblade08" RammDHannover9United Colonies of Mankind (UCM)yesno
5. Christian "Plugsuit" KnuthDSpringe-The ScourgeWardogs Hannoveryesno
6. Daniel "Dragonclaw" AnhaltDSpringe10Post-Human Republic (PHR)Wardogs Hannoveryesno

Distribution of Armies
Shaltari Tribes:2
United Colonies of Mankind (UCM):2
Post-Human Republic (PHR):1
The Scourge:1
Distribution of Origins
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