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1. Osnabrücker 40K Spielewochenende - List of Participants

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1. Ralf "DeadlyCircus" JohrDGeorgsmarienhütte219HarlequinsEternal Warriorsnoyes
2. Jan "Snorri" BugdahnDHamburg249Grey KnightsFirst and Onlynono
3. Mario "only_one" NienkerDOsnabrück787Space Marinesnoyes
4. Armin "Kaspian72" HoppeDOsnabrück-Pye2430Space Marinesnono
5. Christoph "Postfrosch1984" WagnerDHaltern am See3671Grey Knightsnono
6. Martin "Tyrant103" SequeiraDBottrop62Space MarinesArmy of Twonono
7. Ben "Nomvieh" ThyssenDHannover1099Tyranidsnono
8. Jörn "Boon" StolzenbergDMönchengladbach121Space MarinesLast Unicornnono

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Distribution of Origins
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