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8. Cuxhavener Malifaux Turnier - List of Participants

1. Philip "Fleup" von AhnenDBremen-The OutcastsBad Things Happenyes
2. (anonym)-The GremlinsBad Things Happenyes
3. Nino "Torsul" BeckDBremen-The GuildBad Things Happenyes
4. Daniel "AlphaOmegon" von AhnenDBremen-The OutcastsBad Things Happenyes
5. André "MuMantai" KillingDBremen-The Ten ThundersBad Things Happenyes
6. Falk "Yasper" SchulteDBienenbüttel6The ResurrectionistsDie Puppenspieleryes
7. Horst "Onkel-Hotte" OppermannDBraunschweig238The ResurrectionistsLudo Ergo Sumyes
8. Jette "gypsy" SeilerDKiel78The Ten ThundersDeath to the Kneecapsyes
9. Lukas "Duki" LanglottDKiel29The GremlinsDeath to the Kneecapsyes
10. Tobias "Ice-bomb" DagefördeDEimke10The ArcanistsDie Puppenspieleryes
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11. Hanna "Hanna" HannaDMeyenburg41The Ten Thundersno
12. Christian "Faust" HörterDOsdorf143The NeverbornDeath to the Kneecapsno
13. Stephan "HannibalTheGreat" GlaserDKoblenz192The Gremlinsno

Distribution of Armies
The Gremlins:2
The Outcasts:2
The Resurrectionists:2
The Ten Thunders:2
The Arcanists:1
The Guild:1
Distribution of Origins
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