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Battlefield | Call to Arms VII - List of Participants

1. Jonas aka "Njckname"DBerlin71Chaos Space MarinesPOSAZyesyes
2. Raphael aka "aquaric"DBerlin1252Iron HandsDes Imperators Treueste Trinkeryesyes
3. Stefan aka "Rhino"DPetershagen-Eggersdorf1203Dark AngelsTeam Toastyesyes
4. Michael aka "NukaCola"DBerlin44Blood AngelsPOSAZyesyes
5. Sebastian aka "TrainYourRotze"DBerlin5724Chaos Space MarinesVong Warhammerspaß her!yesyes
6. Joerg aka "Perry_Roads"DBerlin1772Space MarinesVong Warhammerspaß her!yesyes
7. Martin aka "Gelenkguenther"DBerlin888Cult MechanicusVong Warhammerspaß her!yesyes
8. Tim aka "Gleep"DBerlin274T'au EmpireSektor Morgenweltyesyes
9. Volker aka "FailCast"DBerlin185Astra Militarumyesyes
10. Christian aka "Tadaoo"DBerlin58EldarPOSAZyesyes
11. Fred aka "derfred"DBerlin1EldarPOSAZyesyes
12. Nikolai aka "Panta"DBerlin46Astra MilitarumPOSAZyesyes
13. Denis aka "Florida_Boy"DBerlin19Blood AngelsPOSAZyesyes
14. Toni aka "Seboh"DBerlin442T'au EmpireVong Warhammerspaß her!yesyes
15. Niels aka "Schmuvness"DBerlin4Space MarinesPOSAZyesyes
16. Christian aka "Lord_Sharka"DBerlin160Chaos Space MarinesGIMPsyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Chaos Space Marines:3
Astra Militarum:2
Blood Angels:2
Space Marines:2
T'au Empire:2
Cult Mechanicus:1
Dark Angels:1
Iron Hands:1
Distribution of Origins
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