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Battlefield Brunswick - The Breach 2 - List of Participants

1. Martin "Captain" DietzelDBraunschweig102The NeverbornLudo ergo sumyes
2. Daniel "AlphaOmegon" von AhnenDBremen8The OutcastsBad Things Happenyes
3. André "MuMantai" KillingDBremen1The ArcanistsBad Things Happenyes
4. Markus "schlemil" von AhnenDCuxhaven25The Guildyes
5. Falk "Yasper" SchulteDBienenbüttel19The ResurrectionistsDie Puppenspieleryes
6. Christoph "MrMayo" MückenheimDBraunschweig88The Neverbornyes
7. (anonym)-The GremlinsBad Things Happenyes
8. Philip "Fleup" von AhnenDBremen12The Ten ThundersBad Things Happenyes
9. Michael "lonestar" GrunwaldDEimke57The Ten ThundersDie Puppenspieleryes
10. (anonym)-The Ten ThundersKhachamonyes
11. Tobias "Ice-bomb" DagefördeDEimke36The ArcanistsDie Puppenspieleryes
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12. Horst "Onkel-Hotte" OppermannDBraunschweig195The OutcastsSpringerno
13. (anonym)-The ResurrectionistsLudo ergo sumno
14. Tobias "Cheros" TrögerDFreiberg80The NeverbornTabletop Sachsenno

Distribution of Armies
The Ten Thunders:3
The Arcanists:2
The Neverborn:2
The Gremlins:1
The Guild:1
The Outcasts:1
The Resurrectionists:1
Distribution of Origins
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