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Belgian Masters XXXL 2022

Have you been aching for a getaway weekend... to play Warmachine? We have got just the thing for you with the Belgian Masters XXXL! We're again hosted by the amazing Ibis Styles hotel in Kortrijk, where we will have plenty of space to play to our hearts' content. The city of Kortrijk should be easy to reach for most and rooms will be available at reasonable prices. No reason not to come, really!

Organizers: ARR-vzw (Contact), Wout (Contact), smeerlap (Contact)

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Gamesystem: Warmachine/Hordes (WM/Ho)
Start: 2022-03-04 13:00
End: 2022-03-06 18:00
Seats: 50
Charge: 80
Ibis Styles, Kortrijk Expo
President Kennedylaan 1
8500 Kortrijk

Website: https://www.facebook.com/belgianmasters

Info: The tournament has ended.


2022-02-23 13:33

Hi all,

Please remember that we require a response to our survey to know what food to serve you at the Belgian Masters. You can find the link to it right here: https://forms.gle/18LKXWwVMiaBiZH9A.

written by smeerlap
2022-01-30 18:39
News update and event schedule

Hello everyone,

We hope you have been well and we have some (good) news for you. First of all, under the current measures, it looks like the event will be allowed. We also still fully expect the measures to relax a bit more by a month from now, but you should probably expect to need a Covid Safe Ticket (https://covidsafe.be/en/), and will need to wear a mask whenever you're not seated.

We've also made a schedule (image will be available on our Facebook page) and we have decided to have 2 distinct "tracks" this time around. Hence there will be invitational events for both Brawlmachine and Steamroller on Sunday. We will have a team (3 people) tournament for each on Saturday, where the top team gets a ticket, several 16-man events that qualify the top 2 of each, and of course last chance Hardcore qualifiers Saturday evening.
Several ad hoc Steamrollers will also be run, as long as there's interest, and we have some fun events planned as well.

Note that you may of course drop from an event to join another, if you want to maximise your chances of qualifying. The goal is to do what you want and have a good time, after all. (bad sportsmanship will still be frowned upon though!)
What's more, the largest (single) Brawlmachine event of the weekend will count as an official LVO Invitational! (https://www.lvois.com/brawl)
We can also announce that, for the Belgians that are trying to qualify for the WTC team, each event that has at least 12 players and 4 rounds, will count as a qualifier.
As you can see, we aim to have something for everyone and we hope to see as many of you there as possible.

The BMXXXL-team

written by smeerlap

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