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NTRv3.0 - National Tournament Ranking Germany - Bushido

Start of the data acquistion: 2004-01-01
Last update: 2018-04-25 05:30
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1 -Aron aka "Sir"DBraunschweig55.66
2 -Chris-A. aka "Zorgan87"DHornburg55.07
3 -Christoph aka "MrMayo"DBraunschweig54.27
4 -Bene aka "Bene"DHornburg41.87
5 -Lucky L.DBraunschweig21.58
6 -Maurice aka "Mauriceee"DMagdeburg31.40
7 -Christian aka "Ragosh"DBraunschweig20.67
8 -Marcus aka "mzrtt"DFrankfurt am Main20.45
9 -Benjamin aka "lieroy"DBremen20.24
10 -Alexander aka "Drakaro"DRodenbach20.22
11 -Flo aka "Randis"DHamburg10.16
12 -Christoph aka "asdf"DHamburg10.12
13 -Palle aka "Palle"DBremen10.08
14 -Wito aka "Wito"DBremen10.04
15 -Uwe aka "Sir_Talretard"DAschaffenburg10.00
15 -Stefan aka "DaeDigge"DHamburg10.00
15 -Robert aka "Itsunagi"DHamburg10.00
15 -Moritz S.DBraunschweig10.00
15 -Christoph aka "Paintslayer"DHamburg10.00
15 -Gregor aka "Gorgor"DHanau10.00
15 -Finn aka "DevilEggs"DBremen10.00
15 -Clemens aka "Huscho"DAschaffenburg20.00

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