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NTRv3.0 - National Tournament Ranking Germany - By Fire and Sword

Start of the data acquistion: 2004-01-01
Last update: 2018-03-21 05:30
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1 -Peter aka "dschabbalai"DHannover37.59
2 -Kai aka "TromboseJochen"DHannover46.59
3 -Taras aka "Gelber"DHannover46.25
4 -Artur aka "Gajowy"PLBiałe Błota25.54
5 -Thomas aka "Thodo"DBurgdorf43.17
6 -Hendrik aka "Hornbluse"DHannover22.32
7 -Theo aka "blub"NLGroningen12.21
8 -Jan Daniel aka "Yamaban"DHannover11.84
9 -Sven aka "WehrwolfKdo"DHannover11.47
10 -Michel aka "Boomer"DHannover21.44
11 -Daniel aka "BlackLegion"DLeipzig21.16
12 -Stefan aka "Neth_Havoc"DDresden11.10
13 -Marc aka "killjoy"DDortmund11.08
14 -Christian aka "Haubi"DLeipzig20.78
15 -Alex O.NLGroningen10.74
16 -Gabor aka "Penta"DHannover10.63
17 -Dennis Daniel aka "Teremsi"DGöttingen20.58
18 -Thomas aka "Blackatog"DLeonberg10.47
19 -Bodo aka "Bodok"DStuttgart10.32
20 -Paul aka "Bydgoszcz205"DHadamar10.29
21 -Moritz aka "onkelsheik"SUmeå10.00

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