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NTRv3.0 - Tournament Results - 2. Augsburger Dropzone Commander Turnier

1.Markus aka "Darios"DTübingenShaltari Tribes
2.Leopold aka "Lorn"DTübingenPost-Human Republic (PHR)
3.Robin aka "Link-Hero-1"DOstfildernPost-Human Republic (PHR)
4.Peter aka "hivemaster"DNürnbergThe Scourge
5.Freddy aka "zeeromancer"FBéziers, le désert ...The Resistance
6.Thomas aka "Blackatog"DLeonbergThe Scourge
7.Michael aka "Varyag"DTübingenUnited Colonies of Mankind (UCM)
8.André aka "Andre"DAugsburgThe Scourge
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