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Annoucement - February 2013
anc2013-02-27 19:46
Password security

There've been more and more reports about cracked websites and databases in the last months. We used the upcoming security awareness to update our security systems. It's needless to say that the current passwords are only stored encrypted in our database. Therefore we cannot update those.

We ask every user, who created his or her account before February 28th, 2013, to set a new password. To do this go to "Account" or "Your page" in the navigation and choose "Change password". The new password will then be stored with security standards being up to date.

Starting on April 1st we'll enforce all users to change their password. A login with the old one won't be possible anymore. Users who forgot their password can request a reset using the according feature.

The ususal notice: Please use a unique password for T³ and don't use it on any other website.
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