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Server/Technical - 2008
tec2008-12-12 15:46
Server failure 10th to 12th December

On 10th December the T³-server had a harddisk failure. The disk couldn't be saved and had to be replaced. We worked on the reconfiguration of the server as the complete system had to be build almost from scratch.

Due to a couple of unlucky circumstances we had to roll in an outdated backup from 21st November. All changes until 10th December are unfortunately lost. It's pity. Please excuse the inconvenience and just contact us, if you have a question

To ensure that this cannot happen again, daily backups are from now on saved on an external storage.
tec2008-09-12 14:34
Serverupdate - Part 1

The first part of a big update of the server's software just went online. I hope that this will not cause any errors, but please report any problems you encounter.
tec2008-08-21 11:06

We had some massive server problems in the last week(s) which always forced us to restart the complete server. The source of this freezes couldn't be found yet.

Important notice:
Please assure as a tournament organizer that you backup the registrations periodically. The worst case of a server crash on a Friday didn't happen yet, but I cannot guarantee anything.
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