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News - UPDATE 2

(Permalink)Furor Teutonicus 2022 - UPDATE 2
2022-09-21 09:22

Hello and sorry for the confusion,
We have decided to take over the ITS 14 Season after all, as the change is not too significant.

Basically, instead of the Bike Recon from Season 13, the "SECURITY DETACHMENT" (CSU model) is now omitted, as well as the rule "DECOMPRESSION" (Terrain Circular Templates).

So the following applies:

ITS Season 14


Day 1
- mindwipe
- unmasking
- seize the antenna (from season 8)

Day 2
- frostbyte
- power pack

The deadline for submitting the list is 13 October 2022 at 8 p.m. CET

Please upload your lists via OTM until then.

I hope that we have not caused too much confusion because this shortens your preparation time for the tournament. But we wanted to counteract the point adjustment of some bikes.

Thank you for your understanding

Written by moschersocken

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