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News - WAITING LIST Furor Teutonicus 2022

(Permalink)Furor Teutonicus 2022 - WAITING LIST Furor Teutonicus 2022
2021-10-24 15:51

Current waiting list,
The order is determined by the receipt of payment on PayPal. If you do not want to pay yet, you can also be put on the waiting list, whereby the paid ones have priority

Please write to me personally if you would like to be on the waiting list

1. Dryflagon
2. maculari
3. msp
4. faith-out
5. DrVic
6. letssetfire
7. Genosse Kommisar
8. rot_sechs
9. Sorbus
10. Karacho
11. Lakissov
12. Mr Moe
13. Tristan228
14. Faith-out
15. mav
16. CrazyNomad
17. Burp
18. Dr_Vansen

Written by moschersocken

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