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News - Community: Friend of a Friend - Update

(Permalink)T³ - Community: Friend of a Friend - Update
2009-07-17 12:49

A couple of days ago the 10.000th friendship has been approved. So this T³-extension seems to be a real success. We're lucky that you like it that much.

Therefore we just released a new function which most of you will now from other social networks: Friend of a friend. All registered users will now see when they visit a player's profile, if there's a link over other friends to the player. Perhaps you'll find new playing partner. The search is limited to a specific depth. On the one hand this is just for reducing the server load and on the other it's not that interesting if you know a player over 32 hops.

You'd like to find your friends in the tabletop scene and don't have a T³-account yet? You can easily create on here.

Update: The display problem in Chrome and Safari (both Webkit engine) is fixed.

Written by Blackhawk

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