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Games Overview - Comments - Urban War

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Game Details
Name:Urban War
Manufacturer:Urban Mammoth
Category:Science-Fiction, Skirmish Battles
Description:Urban War: Strike-Team Actions is a fast-paced sci-fi skirmish tabletop game designed for two or more players. It is a simple game to learn but difficult to master.

Players build small “Strike-Teams” of between 8 to 12 figures aside from a range of factions with differing play styles and strengths. The game’s individual model and experience based system enabling a unique variety of tactical choices, for players to develop their Strike-Teams to suit their own personal play-style and strategies. Each game can take from between 30 minutes to an hour to play depending on the player’s experience.

Urban War: Strike-Team Actions offers a true multi-player experience; it doesn’t always have to be a two sided battle, you can have games with 3, 4 or 5 individual Strike-Teams each out for themselves, and with only one Strike-Team the eventual winner, the potential scope for scheming, back stabbing and betrayal adds yet another layer to this already dynamic game.

Source: myriadminiatures.com - © Myriad Miniatures

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#1 2010-02-15 10:20

Rapide, tactique et super original.
Voilà un jeu qui mérite à être connu

Written by TrucidoR (Contact)
#2 2009-07-31 09:41

This is a very good, quick skirmish game, If you like warmachine and hordes then you will love Urban War, Our Local store 4TK Gaming is now stocking the full range and the open day they had a demo section which looks like it will be taken off big time at the 4TK Gaming club in colchester,esex, UK www.4tk.co.uk for more details and if you fancy a game or Urbane war or any other tabletop gaming sci fi format pop along.

Written by 4TKGaming (Contact)

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