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Army Statistics - Germany - Classic BattleTech

You can see a couple of statistics about the distribution and placements of armies in the tournaments. Only T³-Tournaments using the GoePP are used for the statistics, because all other tournaments don't offer the needed data.

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Army Distribution

2.Draconis Kombinat15
3.Clan Other - obsolete11
4.Vereinigten Sonnen8
4.Lyranische Commonwealth8
4.Clan Jade Falcon - obsolete8
5.Liga Freier Welten7
6.Sonstige Söldner6
6.Eridani Light Horses6
7.Clan Wolf - obsolete5
8.Freie Republik Rasalhague4
8.Periphery - obsolete4
8.Clan Vielfraß4
9.House Davion - obsolete3
9.Clan Höllenrösser3
9.Butte Hold Piraten3
9.Konföderation Capella3
9.Clan Geisterbär3
9.Team Banzai3
9.Clan Wolf3
9.Clan Ghost Bear - obsolete3
10.Wolf Dragoons2
10.House Kurita - obsolete2
10.Clan Novakatze2
10.Clan Blutgeist2
10.Clan Wolf im Exil2
10.House Steiner - obsolete2
10.House Liao - obsolete2
10.Clan Stahlviper2
10.Clan Diamanthai2
10.Kell Hounds2
11.Blakes Wort1
11.Clan Wolkenkobra1
11.Hansens Roughriders1
11.Clan Goliathskorpion1
11.St. Ives-Pakt1
11.Clan Jadefalke1
11.The Periphery States1
11.Clan Gletscherteufel1
11.Clan Nebelparder1

Army Ranking (on all results)

1.Draconis Kombinat100.00
3.Liga Freier Welten62.50
4.Eridani Light Horses51.14
5.Vereinigten Sonnen49.34
6.Lyranische Commonwealth46.88
6.Sonstige Söldner46.88
Info: Only armies whith at least 6 placements are counted. The army with the best placements is put in place 1 with an index of 100. The other placements depend on this index.

Army Ranking (only on tournament wins)

1.Draconis Kombinat4
2.Vereinigten Sonnen2
3.Lyranische Commonwealth1
3.Clan Höllenrösser1
3.Butte Hold Piraten1
3.St. Ives-Pakt1
3.Clan Gletscherteufel1
3.Clan Vielfraß1

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