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NTR/ETR - February 2012
ntr2012-02-22 14:57
Upcoming modification of the NTR computation

Based on the running poll about "Team tournaments in the NTR" we're planning to add some modifications to the math behind the rankings.

The current standing of the poll is

* No change: 15%
* No team tournaments: 20%
* Reduced weight: 58%
* No interest: 7%

based on rouhly 350 votes.

So we'll keep the team tournaments in the NTR, but reduce their impact. There are a couple of approaces to do this and we're going to do some math to see how each turns out. Many thanks to everybody who gave some feedback on this.

Working on the math we're (probably) going to simplify the computation a bit and modifiy the weighting factor (WF) so that all 5 results will count as 20% of the final NTR points. This has to be checked with some calculations first.
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