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NTR/ETR - 2006
ntr2006-08-08 17:36
NTR/ETR: country of origin

From now on the country of origin of the players in the NTR/ETR is shown. As the origin is computed of the tournament registrations errors can occur in the lists, so that someone gots a wrong country. In this case just inform a T³-admin of the problem.
ntr2006-05-18 18:00
ETR - European Tournament Ranking

There's again a big update on T³:

Right now the international equivalent to the NTRs is online. It's called really susprisingly ETR - European Tournament Ranking. Its technical base is the same algorithm like the NTR, only that all tournaments (not countryspecific) count.

The ETR is reachabale through the new navigation element "NTR/ETR", which replaces the old NTR-menu... but it's almost the same as before *g*. You can find crosslinks between the rankings on the various NTR/ETR-pages. A EU-link has been added to the clickable "Europe-selection"-map, which allows you to enter the ETR-pages.

Overall there is now an european version of all NTR-pages (Ranking, Clubranking, etc.). The signaturegrafic for registered T³-users offers new modes (NTR, ETR, both) now.

Wishing you lots of fun for struggeling for the european crown of tournament players, we want to remind you emphatically that tabletops still are games and not any kind of sport. Therefore fariplay and fun should be in the first place ahead of ambition and such stuff.
ntr2006-03-01 12:46
NTR France

It's time again for a big step in the T³-development. After the T³-joining of France two months ago the national tournament ranking of France (french CNT - Classement National des Tournoyeurs) is online now. The number of results for the computation isn't that big yet, but it won't take long untill it reaches a significant data stock.
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