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Games Overview - Comments - Mortem et Gloriam

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Game Details
Name:Mortem et Gloriam
Manufacturer:Simon Hall (Homepage)
Category:Antiquity, Historical, Mass Battles
Description:Mortem et Gloriam (MeG for short) is a wargame where you take charge of an army from the ancient world - loosely defined as the period before gunpowder and firearms. You command an army of 50 - 100 bases of painted figures, moving them on a table with model terrain that represents a battlefield.

You are the Army Commander and, with your key Sub-Generals, control your army in attempt to smash your opponent. So you could be Alexander with his leading subordinates Parmenio and Ptolemy, or Hannibal with Hasdrubal and Hanno, or Vercingetorix the Gaul with the leaders of the main Gallic tribes, or Ghengis and Kublai .... the choice is yours.

Put simply Mortem et Gloriam lets us become a general in the ancient world.

Source: thewargameszone.org ⓒ SHALL Enterprises Ltd

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