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Games Overview - Ex Illis

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Game Details
Name:Ex Illis
Manufacturer:Bastion Studio
Popularity:No T³-User plays this game.
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Average rating 4.3 after 9 vote(s).

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2010-12-13 01:00
Economic System

fully integrated is out! This is our Christmas gift to our players! With latest V1.2 update, a new horizon of endless* possibilities awaits!
2010-11-26 01:00
New release: The Game Board

Many of you have asked for it, and we have finally decided to release the gaming board as a stand-alone product! The Ex illis gaming board is made of 20 9”x9” modular plastic tiles full of finely crafted details. This is the perfect battlefield for all your wargaming needs! Join multiple boards to create massive battlefields, easy to transport and assemble, great for conversion projects.
2010-11-08 01:00
New release: The Emissarius

Emissarius is ready for battle! Are you? Ex illis is proud to announce the official release of its terrifying center piece, the Emissarius. Treat yourself with this colossal demon, and rampage the battlefields! You will not be disappointed by his deviant look, and his exciting gameplay. Look for it at your local gaming store!
2010-10-21 02:00
Emissarius available for tryout

You have eagerly waited for it and here it is! Ex illis is proud to announce that the Emissarius is available for free tryout! Ex illis players will have the privilege to add the Emissarius as a tryout unit to their musters starting today. See how you enjoy slaughtering your enemies with our demonic monster before you pourchase it, and keep your earned experience as you decide to finally integrate it to your Ex illis collection.
2010-10-07 02:00
New profile page... Again !

To reinforce Ex illis community aspect, numerous new features are now available. You can now browse through your friends’ basic information, their activities, their friends, their collection, their musters, etc.

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