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ETR - Club Details

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Last update: 2020-07-01 05:30
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Name:Orando Wrocław
Origin:PL51-107 Wrocław
Description: Our club was created in August 2013. We have 10 members and 10 various ways of thinking. We are addicted to Warhammer Fantasy Battle, but we also like others fantasy games.
Website: http://www.facebook.com/orandowroclaw
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Gamesystem:Warhammer Fantasy Battles
Counting Members:5
Placement:544. in the club ranking
Average points:0.00
Total points:0.00

Placements of members
SokolPlace 11713 - 0.00 Points
TordzioPlace 11713 - 0.00 Points
WifiPlace 11713 - 0.00 Points
CzerwoPlace 11713 - 0.00 Points
EledrinPlace 11713 - 0.00 Points

Other clubplacements
10. Place in the WHFB-club ranking of PLPoland

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