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Name:Star Wars: Armada
Manufacturer:Fantasy Flight Games
Popularity:The game is played by 4% of the T³-Users.
It's the preferred game of 1% of the T³-Users.
The T³-Users can field a total of 42129 points.
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The 2018 May World Championships

Published 5 February 2018 | Star Wars: Destiny The 2018 May World Championships Make Your Plans to Join Us May 2nd – 6th "The Force is strong with this one."      –Darth Vader, Star Wars: A New Hope Are you strong with the Force? Prove it. Join us for the 2018 May World Championships on May 2nd – 6th! The 2018 May World Championships are the pinnacle of Organized Play for five of the Star Wars galaxy's greatest tabletop games—Star Wars™: Armada, Star Wars™: Destiny, Star Wars™: Imperial Assault, Star Wars™: The Card Game, and X-Wing™. For five days, the top competitors for each of these games will gather at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, MN. They will come from across the globe to represent their local communities against the world's best players. They will roll dice, move ships, and play cards. And they will battle for the fate of the galaxy. But it's not just the fate of the galaxy that's at stake. The World Championships will feature a wide range of exclusive prizes, including The Greatest Prize in Gaming, the World Champion's opportunity to inspire the design of a future card for his or her game. Do you think you have what it takes to claim the title of World Champion? Players with reserved seats can claim those seats now, and other players can now apply for the remaining seats! The Schedule The 2018 May World Championships are five days of thrilling competition. But they're more than just competition. They are an energetic, five-day celebration of the Star Wars galaxy. Throughout the World Championships—and in a host of side events—we will see ace starfighter pilots engaged in fantastic, high-speed dogfights. The galaxy's most iconic heroes and villains will leap into heated lightsaber duels. Cunning fleet admirals will spring traps that they lay far in advance. And Rebel strike teams will race across contested battlefields—only to find themselves confronted by Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith. There's a whole galaxy of action and drama to explore, and the five days from May 2nd – 6th are jammed full of top-level competitions and thrilling side events. We have at least one free side event planned for all of our games, and to accommodate the tremendous demand for more X-Wing and Star Wars: Destiny events, we have taken advantage of our auxiliary space at the Radisson to offer a slate of On Demand Hangar Bays and Destiny pods. Want to learn more about the schedule? Download the World Championship Schedule and Side Events Schedule posted below! Schedules 142.9 KB 2018 May World Championships - Main Event Schedule 26 Jan 2018 137.7 KB 2018 May World Championships - Side Event Schedule 06 Feb 2018 Make Your Plans to Attend Join us for this year's May World Championships. Have fun with the Force. Fight for the fate of the galaxy. And take your shot at the title of World Champion. The 2018 May World Championships are fast approaching. We will have more information about the events and prizes in the weeks to come, but now's the time to make your plans to join us on May 2nd – 6th. Applications for players with reserved seats. General applications. Press applications. Mark your calendar, apply for your seat by February 20th, and may the Force be with you! Registration Details Here, you will find step-by-step application instructions, a Worlds application timeline, and several important notes about your application and registration. Step-by-Step Application 1) Make certain you submit your application through the correct form and by the appropriate deadline. Regional Champions, National Champions, Galactic Qualifier Champions, World Champions, and other players with reserved seats should use this form. Applications due March 26, 2018 by 11:59 PM CST. General applicants (without reserved seats) should use this form. Applications due February 20, 2018 by 11:59 PM CST. Members of the press should use this form. Applications due March 30th by Noon CST. 2) FFG will draw names from the general applicants and send invitations to all players who are awarded seats (via reserved seats or lottery). 3) Once you receive an invitation, you may purchase your ticket. Worlds Application Timeline February 5 — Applications open. February 20 — 11:59 PM CST. General application closes. February 23 — Invitations sent to players drawn from general application. Invitations sent to reserved seat holders who submitted an application on or before Feburary 20th. March 4 — 11:59 PM CST. Purchase deadline for general applicants with invitations. March 26 — 11:59 PM CST. Application closes for reserved seats. March 29 — Invitations sent to reserved seat holders who applied after February 20th. Access codes sent to general registration applicants for games with remaining seats. March 30 — NOON CST. Press applications due. March 31 — NOON CST. General applicants may redeem their invitations on a first-come, first-serve basis. April 10 — NOON CST. Any remaning tickets are made available to the public. Follow @FFGOP on Twitter for updates throughout the process. Important Notes All applications must be submitted and received through the forms we provide. Limit 1 application per person. When you apply for a game with multiple Day 1 events, you are not applying for a specific day. Your day will be assigned. Your application for other games will not be taken into consideration. You may swap your event ticket for Day 1 of an event with another player's ticket for a different Day 1 of the same event. You are responsible for finding another player to swap with. (We recommend the 2018 May World Championships Ticket Swap community forum.) Both members of a swap must fill out the appropriate form (opens February 23rd), and all exchanges must be submitted by both players by April 17th at 11:59 PM CST. After all ticket swaps are processed, players who swapped tickets will be contacted if they still hold tickets for multiple events on the same day. Players will be asked to indicate which ticket will be cancelled and refunded. You may not exchange the event ticket for one game for the event ticket for another game. There is no charge to apply and no obligation to make a purchase. Your application does not guarantee you the opportunity to purchase one or more open seats for the 2018 May World Championships. The number and percentage of applicants selected will be determined based on availability. Application acceptance and reserved seats are specific to their game (and day). Purchases not completed by listed deadlines will void acceptance or reservation. Tickets are non-refundable. All seats purchased are subject to the Code of Conduct and venue policies, which may be amended at the sole discretion of Fantasy Flight Games at any time. Please provide an accurate email address, and be sure to check spam folders and filters for emails before contacting OrganizedPlay@FantasyFlightGames.com with any questions. Discuss this article in our forums! © &amp; ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.
Launch the Fleet

Published 1 February 2018 | Star Wars: Armada Launch the Fleet The Chimaera and Profundity Expansion Packs Are Now Available    “This is Admiral Raddus of the Rebel Alliance.”    –Admiral Raddus, Rogue One The massive space battles of the Star Wars saga are one of the most iconic pieces of the series and the Galactic Civil War. From the opening shots of the Tantive IV fleeing from a massive Star Destroyer to the ground-shaking battle above Scarif in Rogue One, these conflicts and the capital ships that define them are thrilling moments. Now, you’re about to have two more monstrous capital ships, crewed by thousands, that you can bring to the space battles on your table in Star Wars™: Armada. The Chimaera Expansion Pack and the Profundity Expansion Pack are now available at your local retailer or online through our webstore! Even more than growing the Imperial and Rebel fleets with new capital ships, the two new expansion packs of Star Wars: Armada Wave VII are focused on their commanders. Grand Admiral Thrawn and Admiral Raddus define their expansions as much as any capital ship or fighter squadron, and with these new commanders added to the ships, cards and tokens in these expansion packs, you can be certain that your interstellar battles will never be the same. Chimaera Expansion Pack The Chimaera is Grand Admiral Thrawn’s flagship, an Imperial Star Destroyer emblazoned with Thrawn’s stylized chimaera sigil. The aesthetic differences between the Chimaera and a standard Imperial Star Destroyer are striking, but perhaps the greatest benefits lie with the new officers that the Chimaera Expansion Pack brings to your fleet. In an earlier preview, we invited 2016 Star Wars: Armada World Champion Josiah Burkhardsmeier to take us behind the scenes on the Grand Admiral Thrawn $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#12BDB').colorbox(opts); }); upgrade card that he created. Thrawn is a tactical genius, and his powers of anticipation and preparation make him incredibly dangerous—to the Rebellion or whoever else you may pit Thrawn against. In the game, Grand Admiral Thrawn lets you prepare for any eventuality by placing three command dials facedown on his upgrade card after deploying your fleet. Then, during the game, you can reveal one of these dials at the beginning of the Ship Phase to grant an identical dial to every ship in your fleet. Provided you can correctly anticipate the commands that you’ll need once battle is joined, Grand Admiral Thrawn may be just what you need to tip the battle in your favor. You can read more about how you might use Grand Admiral Thrawn in Josiah’s guest article here! There’s a second World Champion card to be found in the Chimaera Expansion Pack as well: none other than Governor Pryce. $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 300, innerWidth: 196 }; $('#A68C').colorbox(opts); }); Designed by 2015 World Champion Jonathan Reinig, Governor Pryce also rewards your ability to plan ahead and examine the battle before it even begins. During a round of your choice, you can guarantee that Governor Pryce’s ship will activate after all other ships—potentially firing last in one round, then immediately firing again in the next round! You can find more about what Governor Pryce can bring to your fleets in Jonathan’s article here. Of course, the Chimaera itself is also included in this expansion pack, along with a host of powerful upgrade cards and new ship cards for you to refit your Imperial Star Destroyers. In our preview, “Chimaera,” we took a closer look at the ship and upgrade cards that you can expect to find inside this expansion! Profundity Expansion Pack As much as the presence of Grand Admiral Thrawn shapes the Chimaera Expansion Pack, Admiral Raddus does the same for the Profundity Expansion Pack. Arriving in force aboard a hulking MC75 star cruiser, Admiral Raddus draws you into the space battle of Rogue One, with two ship cards for the MC75 cruiser and a total of fourteen upgrade cards. In our first guest article with Chris Fritz, we explored exactly what can become possible when you include Admiral Raddus $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#CA7B').colorbox(opts); }); in your army. Admiral Raddus allows you to set aside one of your ships at the beginning of the game—and then have it “hyperspace jump” into the battle at a key moment. If your Imperial opponent is suddenly faced down by a massive capital ship emerging from hyperspace and bristling with turbolaser cannons, it might just be enough to break the Imperial lines and destroy your enemies in a key battle. You can read more about Admiral Raddus in Chris’s guest article here. Admiral Raddus brings a new ship blasting out of hyperspace to catch the Chimaera in flank! We also took the time to explore the interplay between the objectives that you choose and the ships that you bring to the battle in Star Wars: Armada with Ian Cross. Though neither the Chimaera Expansion Pack nor the Profundity Expansion Pack introduce new objectives to the game, every new capital ship that enters the game offers a new variable into your battles—and another thing to consider when you’re picking the perfect objectives to accompany your fleet. You can read more of Ian Cross’s conclusions in his guest article here! And finally, we took the time to look into the Profundity Expansion Pack itself, taking a closer look at the options you’ll find from the two MC75 ship cards and the arsenal of upgrade cards to be found within this expansion pack. With characters like Jyn Erso arriving to support Admiral Raddus in battle, you can bring the might of the Rebel Alliance to bear against the Galactic Empire with this new capital ship. You can read more here in our article, “Profundity.” Jump to Hyperspace The fleet battles of Star Wars: Armada are about to heat up, with two powerful new capital ships and two brilliant commanders blasting their way onto the battlefield. Pick up your copies of the Chimaera Expansion Pack (SWM29) and the Profundity Expansion Pack (SWM30) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today! Discuss this article in our forums! Star Wars: Armada is an epic two-player game of tactical fleet battles in the Star Wars universe. Massive Star Destroyers fly to battle against Rebel corvettes and frigates. Banks of turbolasers unleash torrential volleys of fire against squadrons of X-wing and TIEs. As Rebel and Imperial fleets collide, it is your job to issue the commands that will decide the course of battle and, ultimately, the fate of the galaxy. © &amp; TM Lucasfilm Ltd.  
A Plan for Everything

Published 26 January 2018 | Star Wars: Armada A Plan for Everything Ian Cross on Objectives in Star Wars: Armada "But how could they be jamming us if they don't know… if we're coming?"    –Lando Calrissian, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi No matter where your battles take you across the Star Wars galaxy, it’s important to keep your mission in mind. Nowhere is this aphorism more apt than in your strategic matches of Star Wars™: Armada. Today, guest writer Ian Cross takes the time to look at the role that objectives play and how you can make the most of them! Ian Cross on Preparing for the Unknown Objectives are a driving force behind every game of Star Wars: Armada. Whether you’re facing a friend with a familiar fleet or encountering new opponents in a championship tournament, objectives are what shape the way you deploy, activate, and attack. In this article, we're going to take a look at how you can build your fleet to take advantage of your own objectives, as well as turning your opponent's objectives to serve your own strategy. One of the first decisions made in any game of Armada is who will be first player and who will be second player. Taking the role of first player is very strong from a tactical perspective, allowing a commander to make the first choice at the start of every round. But second player provides a wealth of strategic options to shape the entire game in your favor. When you’re choosing the objectives that you’ll take to the table, you want to bring options that support your fleet, but you also want options that won’t benefit your opponent. For example, if an opponent brings the Advanced Gunnery $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#409F').colorbox(opts); }); objective with their MC80, it’s a very strong choice for them, since MC80s can’t use Gunnery Team $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#3EB0').colorbox(opts); }); and gain as much benefit as possible from the objective. But if you have an Imperial Star Destroyer at the table, you will be in a better position as the first player to choose that objective than if you had brought a swarm of CR90s. Gunnery Team allows a ship to fire out of a single hull zone twice in one round, instead of the usual allowance of once-per-round. This is a very powerful upgrade that you could slot onto your own Imperial Star Destroyer, but it’s incompatible with the Advanced Gunnery objective. By placing this upgrade on your ship, you’ve hurt your chances of using one of the strongest and most popular assault objectives in the game. You also telegraph to your opponent that you probably don't have Advanced Gunnery among your own objectives, should you end up as second player. If you keep this fact in mind when building your fleet, it may give you a good reason to use a less powerful Weapons Team upgrade. This makes your opponent nervous that your objectives might include Advanced Gunnery—and it makes them much less eager to hand you their objectives if they have Advanced Gunnery among their own objectives! Star Wars: Armada is a game of choices and decisions. The best commanders know how to make their opponents question their own decisions, and how to force a choice between multiple bad options. When you force the first of those choices to be made before the fleets have even deployed, you gain the initiative over your opponent, whether you’re first player or not. Controlling the Battlefield In the smaller squadron war that plays out under the shadow of massive capital ships, squadrons with the Strategic keyword offer some of the lowest firepower of any fighters in the game. Still, these squadrons can be more useful than almost any other squadron because of their ability to control objectives. Almost half of the objectives in the game use tokens in a meaningful way. Strategic squadrons give you unparalleled control over those tokens, whether you’re using them yourself or keeping them from your opponent. The defense objectives Hyperspace Assault $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#114EB').colorbox(opts); }); and Planetary Ion Cannon $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#E888').colorbox(opts); }); both start the game with three objective tokens placed on the board. This initial setup provides a layout of how both players will want to deploy their fleets to take advantage of the dangers represented by those tokens. After the game starts, these tokens will move very little, if at all. But if you have one or more Strategic squadrons, you’re suddenly able to affect the battlefield beyond the initial setup. As the first player flying into the path of a Planetary Ion Cannon, your Strategic squadrons can race ahead to clear a path. This tactic gives your ships unimpeded access to a lane that your opponent may not have expected or wanted you to take. As the second player, using your own Planetary Ion Cannon, you can use your Strategic squadrons to focus your firepower on a prime target, ensuring that their maneuvers won't save them from the extra attacks that your objective can provide. That planetary firepower would almost never be fully utilized without the help of a Strategic squadron. The Intel Sweep $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#147BF').colorbox(opts); }); objective is often a race to the final token, but the Strategic keyword gives you a huge lead in that race, letting you steal tokens right out from under the prow of your opponent's objective ship. With this small change to your fleet, you give yourself a fantastic array of options, no matter how your opponent has built their fleet. Ultimately, by bringing these squadrons to the table, you can enhance your own objectives and hurt your opponent's expectations. Keeping the objectives in mind as you build your fleet helps you respond to any of your opponent's plans. Second to None As the game of Star Wars: Armada grows, the ability to create unique fleets does, as well. A first player alpha strike can be devastating, but it’s only as good as your ability to position your fleet. Certain objectives require a different approach to ensure that your opponent won't gain an insurmountable lead, but more options for turning the strategy of the game to one player's favor have already entered the game.  The Grav Shift Reroute upgrade can drastically change the positions of obstacles on the battlefield! The Contested Outpost $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#11366').colorbox(opts); }); objective sees the game begin with obstacles that you and your opponent are attempting to use. By bringing an Interdictor with the Grav Shift Reroute $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#162ED').colorbox(opts); }); upgrade card, you’re able to move those obstacles, often to such an extent that it will take an entire round for your opponent's ships to make up the distance. An Interdictor may not be the ship that people often think of for a first player alpha strike, but it has unprecedented repair and control abilities. This could be the first step in creating an objective-focused fleet—a fleet that is more interested in creating a points advantage than positioning for a first player attack. Ready for Anything The best fleets and the best commanders in Star Wars: Armada are able to respond to any challenge—and that begins with the challenge of whether you will be first or second player. Having a strategy for your fleet is an important part of winning your games, but that strategy is worth nothing if your opponent is able to defeat it before the game has even begun. Objectives are often chosen as an afterthought once fleet-building is done, but they are as much a part of your fleet as the ships and squadrons you bring. In the same way, how your fleet responds to opposing objectives is as important as how it fights the opposing fleet. Both aspects need equal attention if you want to ensure victory. When making the decision of how many points to factor into your fleet-building for initiative bid, ask yourself whether your fleet is completely dependent on your preferred placement. If you don't have the ability to respond as either first or second player, it may be worth reevaluating your objectives or your fleet. In doing so, you will provide a less predictable challenge to any opponent, and you will become a more capable commander. Ian Cross is a Twin Cities local who has been playing Star Wars: Armada at the Fantasy Flight Games Center since it was released. He is a Regional Champion who has been judge for the game at the North American and World Championships in both 2016 and 2017. He gives equal consideration to both factions, but at the table he would have himself taken away if he were ever a part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor. Discuss this article in our forums! Star Wars: Armada is an epic two-player game of tactical fleet battles in the Star Wars universe. Massive Star Destroyers fly to battle against Rebel corvettes and frigates. Banks of turbolasers unleash torrential volleys of fire against squadrons of X-wing and TIEs. As Rebel and Imperial fleets collide, it is your job to issue the commands that will decide the course of battle and, ultimately, the fate of the galaxy. © &amp; TM Lucasfilm Ltd.  
He's Going to Fight

Published 17 January 2018 | Star Wars: Armada He's Going to Fight Chris Fritz on Admiral Raddus in Star Wars: Armada “Rogue One, may the Force be with you.”    –Admiral Raddus, Rogue One At the climax of Rogue One, three storylines are playing out simultaneously. One chronicles Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor’s heroic infiltration of the Imperial installation. The second follows their Rebel comrades as they wreak havoc outside the base, creating chaos and buying Jyn and Cassian the time they need to succeed. And the final storyline follows the Rebel fleet, providing orbital support and a chance to receive the transmission of the vital Death Star plans. Those Rebel starships in orbit are under the command of Admiral Raddus—who’s coming soon to Star Wars™: Armada in the Profundity Expansion Pack. Today, guest writer Chris Fritz shares his thoughts on making Raddus shine in your Rebel fleet! Chris Fritz on Admiral Raddus Hey everyone! Those of you that hang around the online Star Wars: Armada community may know me as Truthiness. I’m a community blogger and gamer, focusing heavily on Star Wars: Armada, and I’m really excited that Fantasy Flight Games invited me to share my ramblings to the community at large. Those of you that follow me on the Steel Command blog know that I absolutely love theorizing and breaking down new and emerging fleet builds. Today, I have the pleasure of doing so for none other than Admiral Raddus. First, I should address a little bit of my philosophy on fleet building. While some believe that fleets should be able to function independent of their commander, I firmly believe in starting with the commander and building the fleet around that central pillar. Sure, some commanders don’t really need this: Admiral Motti and Moff Jerjerrod generally work in pretty much any fleet. Many others, however, such as Admiral Ackbar and Mon Mothma, require a little more forethought and care when constructing their fleets. Do you really want a bunch of Nebulon-B frigates or Hammerheads with Admiral Ackbar? Are you going to take nothing but big ships with Mon Mothma? Of course not! That doesn’t make them bad commanders. It just means you have to plan a little more deliberately when you’re putting together your fleet. With that philosophy in mind, let’s take a closer look at the topic of today’s article. Above all, Admiral Raddus shatters the normal deployment paradigm of Star Wars: Armada. Deployment can be critical to deciding the outcome of a game, and getting that last ship placement can be a major deciding factor. While a fleet with multiple small units might not care, deployment often makes or breaks large ships. If you deploy in the wrong position, you can end up out of the fight for critical turns or flying straight into a trap you can’t avoid. As such, players often load up on cheap squadrons and flotillas to pad deployments. That’s where Admiral Raddus comes crashing in out of nowhere to ruin your opponent’s best laid plans. With Raddus as your commander, you essentially guarantee that you get the last deployment, but without needing the usual investment. Squadron padding for deployment’s sake becomes unnecessary. Objectives like Solar Corona or Superior Positions don’t hold as much appeal for your own objective deck. Raddus also changes normal activation dynamics. If you’ve been around Star Wars: Armada for a while, you’ll know that the number of activations on your side is a pretty big factor. Being able to guarantee the last activation and move your ship into perfect position without worrying about return fire is crucial. When combined with first player, it can be the deciding factor in a game. Just a single sequence of last activation followed by first activation with the same ship can swing the game. Raddus changes that normal logic for one of your ships. Up until you use his ability, Raddus guarantees you could have the last say in positioning during any one round. Your opponent may have “out-activated” you, but because the ship brought in by Admiral Raddus comes in at the beginning of a round, you get to react to that final positioning. It only works for that one turn, but as I said, that can make all the difference. As second player, you can use that advantage to force the first player to choose between his planned first activation or getting smashed in the flank by your newly arrived ship. As first player, you may not get an immediate reward for your positioning, but you certainly will in subsequent turns. My last major consideration with Raddus is really more about what isn’t in his limitations versus what is. Namely, there is no limitation on the size of the ship you bring in from hyperspace. If you’ve played an All Out Assault in The Corellian Conflict campaign expansion, you have an idea of how incredible it can be when a large ship hyperspace-jumps into the battlefield. Raddus gives you that advantage in every time. There is a little bit of a catch-22, though. To get the most out of your new ship’s placement, you want to throw a lot of points into a large ship equipped to cause maximum pain. However, you also want a good number of other ships in your fleet to maximize the flexibility of placing your ship that hyperspace-jumps into play. You may choose to use lots of flotillas and sacrifice ship-to-ship firepower, or you may skimp on squadrons and become more vulnerable to attack from your opponent’s squadrons. Both approaches have their risks and advantages. Admiral Raddus brings in an MC80 Star Cruiser out of hyperspace to catch the Imperial fleet in the flank! I find the best place to start when building an Admiral Raddus fleet is with that large ship. This ship will define your approach to the rest of your fleet. One of the most potent combinations I’ve seen is an MC80 Command Cruiser loaded up with upgrades: the Defiance title, Quad Battery Turrets, Leading Shots, Electronic Countermeasures, Flight Commander, and most importantly, Rapid Launch Bays. You then load up the Rapid Launch Bays with three B-Wing squadrons and a HWK-290. All put together, it unloads an absolutely hellish burst of firepower coming out of hyperspace, with little your opponent can do to stop it. My personal favorite is using a MC80 Battle or Star Cruiser. While it won’t match the burst potential of the Defiance combination shown above, it has a long reach combined with good speed to keep up the pressure. An MC80 Battle Cruiser with Spinal Armaments, a Gunnery Team, and Leading Shots will spit out a lot of dice over a wide area, with Raddus giving you the perfect positioning. From there, you just need to decide what your support ships are going to be. Because you want options for the hyperspace deployment, you need a fair number of ships. I set my personal minimum at four (not including the hyperspacing ship) to maintain maximum flexibility. That likely means you’re looking at Hammerheads, CR90s, and/or GR-75s. You need at least a Hammerhead to use as your flagship. After all, you can’t use Admiral Raddus if he’s not on the board and you can’t use a flotilla as his flagship. I find the support ships that you choose often depend heavily on how competitive you want to be in the squadron game. If you don’t mind going light on squadrons, you can grab more Hammerheads and CR90s to supplement your ship-to-ship firepower. Or, if you feel the need to maximize squadrons, you’ll gravitate toward flotillas and their cheap squadron activations. Here are a couple fleet builds with some of the above considerations: Defiance 391/400 points MC80 Command Cruiser - Defiance - Flight Commander - Engine Techs - Rapid Launch Bays - Electronic Countermeasures - Quad Battery Turrets - Leading Shots Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette - Admiral Raddus - External Racks GR-75 Medium Transports - Bomber Command Center GR-75 Medium Transports - Comms Net GR-75 Medium Transports - Bright Hope - Toryn Farr 3x B-Wing Squadrons 1x HWK-290 2x A-Wing Squadrons Shara Bey Tycho Celchu This fleet wants to play heavily in the squadron phase. Shara, Tycho and the A-wings are there to fend off enemy bombers. Meanwhile, Raddus drops in Defiance to gut the enemy fleet. This is a very “all or nothing” approach, but one that can work well if executed properly. Liberty or Death 392/400 MC80 Battle Cruiser - Raymus Antilles - Gunnery Team - Leading Shots - Nav Team - Spinal Armament - XI7 Turbolasers Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette - Admiral Raddus - External Racks - Task Force Antilles Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette - External Racks - Task Force Antilles Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette - External Racks - Task Force Antilles Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette - External Racks - Task Force Antilles GR-75 Medium Transports - Slicer Tools Shara Bey Tycho Celchu This list illustrates the reverse approach, emphasizing ship-to-ship firepower and allocating a bare minimum of resources to manage the squadron fight. The abundance of Task Force Antilles titles will help mitigate some of the worst bomber attacks, but it still risks getting overwhelmed by squadrons. On the flip side, the MC80 Battle Cruiser brings a fearsome amount of consistent, long-range firepower that covers a large area. Those two lists are just a small taste of the opportunities that Raddus opens up for Rebel players. Like you, I’m chomping at the bit for Wave VII, and I can sincerely say that the design team knocked this wave out of the park. Thank you all for reading! Discuss this article in our forums! Star Wars: Armada is an epic two-player game of tactical fleet battles in the Star Wars universe. Massive Star Destroyers fly to battle against Rebel corvettes and frigates. Banks of turbolasers unleash torrential volleys of fire against squadrons of X-wing and TIEs. As Rebel and Imperial fleets collide, it is your job to issue the commands that will decide the course of battle and, ultimately, the fate of the galaxy. © &amp; TM Lucasfilm Ltd.  

Published 8 January 2018 | Star Wars: Armada Chimaera Preview the Chimaera Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: Armada “To defeat an enemy, you must know them. Not simply their battle tactics, but their history, philosophy, art.”    –Grand Admiral Thrawn, Star Wars Rebels Across the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance has faced few threats that can match the tactical genius of Grand Admiral Thrawn. A general with a strategic mind like no other, Thrawn has come closer than nearly any other opponent to bringing the young rebellion to its knees. With grand-scale fleet combat as Thrawn’s greatest area of expertise, it’s fitting that he now makes his debut in Star Wars™: Armada! In our earlier preview, we already saw Grand Admiral Thrawn through the eyes of World Champion Josiah Burkhardsmeier, the very player whose vision brought Thrawn to life for your games Star Wars: Armada. Today, we turn our attention to Thrawn’s devastating flagship, as presented in the Chimaera Expansion Pack! Refitted for Maximum Firepower Within this Expansion Pack, you’ll discover a new Imperial-class Star Destroyer, emblazoned with Grand Admiral Thrawn’s chimaera sigil. This difference is merely on the surface level, but you’ll soon discover that Thrawn’s changes to the way you build and fly your fleet go far beneath the surface. The changes start with two new types of ship cards that you can use to refit your Imperial Star Destroyers—the Kuat Refit $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 514, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#14225').colorbox(opts); }); and the Cymoon 1 Refit. $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 514, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#180C2').colorbox(opts); }); Both new ship cards offer new variants of upgrade bars and attack dice that you’ll be able to use to batter the Rebellion into submission in entirely new ways.   We’ve already looked at this expansion’s new commander: Grand Admiral Thrawn $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#91E5').colorbox(opts); }); himself, but if you’re unable or unwilling to invest the number of points it requires to bring Grand Admiral Thrawn into your fleet, you can gain a fraction of the effect for a fraction of the cost with Taskmaster Grint. $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#AB45').colorbox(opts); }); Like Thrawn, Taskmaster Grint rewards Imperial players for planning ahead at the start of the battle. After you deploy your fleets, you may place a command token of your choice on Taskmaster Grint—then, when you reveal a command matching that token later in the battle, you may gain a matching command token without spending the dial. If you want to expand your fleet’s ability to capitalize on a single type of command, Taskmaster Grint gives you the tools to make that command more impactful throughout the battle. Imperial-class Star Destroyers are fearsome in battle, but few are more dangerous than the capital ships that made up Thrawn’s renowned Seventh Fleet. So long as you’re fielding multiple star destroyers, you could certainly benefit from equipping them each with the Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#ED65').colorbox(opts); }); title upgrade. Standard Imperial tactics and ship design dictate attacking head-on as often as possible—harnessing the triangular shape of the star destroyer to concentrate maximum laser fire on the enemy. Still, that frontal assault means you’ll likely be taking fire to your front hull. With the Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer upgrades, your ships can cover each other, reducing the damage that friendly ships take to their front hull. You may also choose to designate one of your Imperial-class Star Destoyers as the Chimaera $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#1567E').colorbox(opts); }); itself, opening the door to using your Fleet Command upgrade cards with a remarkable versatility. Not only does Chimaera give your ship a Fleet Command upgrade icon, it lets you discard an equipped Fleet Command upgrade in order to replace it with any other Fleet Command upgrade—cycling your Fleet Command upgrades mid-battle to find the one that works best for the current situation. There are three Fleet Command upgrades in the Chimaera Expansion Pack, and each of them offers a devastating change of tactics to give you the upper hand. Entrapment Formation! $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#11678').colorbox(opts); }); gives your ships an added edge in maneuverability, changing their speed when they determine their course. Intensify Firepower! $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#F83E').colorbox(opts); }); can guarantee that every friendly ship gets at least one hit during an attack. Finally, Shields to Maximum! $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#925B').colorbox(opts); }); gives you the opportunity to recover your shields and boost your ships’ defenses. Obviously, each of these Fleet Command upgrades require you to spend command tokens or discard the card if you want to use them—offering yet another reason why you might want to consider Taskmaster Grint as one of your fleet’s officers. In addition to a repainted, refitted Imperial Star Destoyer and a true wealth of upgrades, this expansion also includes two new squadrons—the Mandalorian Gauntlet Fighters. $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 418, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#D485').colorbox(opts); }); In addition to being hard-hitting in combat, the Mandalorian Gauntlet Fighters are Rogue squadrons—meaning they can both move and attack during the Squadron phase. What’s more, they’re adept at intercepting your opponent’s commands and helping to dispel his control over his fleet. Mandalorian Gauntlet Fighters benefit from the Assault ability—allowing them to sacrifice a hit when attacking a ship in order to give that ship a raid token. Each raid token bears a symbol matching a type of command—and while a ship has that raid token, it cannot execute that type of command! Perhaps you desperately want to stop your opponent from repairing his ship or you need to pin down his squadrons. By sending your Mandalorian Gauntlet Fighters out on assault, you can keep those commands from interfering with your own well-laid plans. An Artful Victory Grand Admiral Thrawn is coming to your games of Star Wars: Armada—and he isn’t coming alone. He’s bringing the whole Seventh Fleet with him, including his flagship, Chimaera. How will you use Thrawn’s tactical genius in your games? You can pre-order the Chimaera Expansion Pack (SWM29) at your local retailer or online through our website today! Discuss this article in our forums! Star Wars: Armada is an epic two-player game of tactical fleet battles in the Star Wars universe. Massive Star Destroyers fly to battle against Rebel corvettes and frigates. Banks of turbolasers unleash torrential volleys of fire against squadrons of X-wing and TIEs. As Rebel and Imperial fleets collide, it is your job to issue the commands that will decide the course of battle and, ultimately, the fate of the galaxy. © &amp; TM Lucasfilm Ltd.  

Published 3 January 2018 | Star Wars: Armada Profundity Preview the Profundity Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: Armada “I say we fight!”    –Admiral Raddus, Rogue One As we saw chronicled in Rogue One, the Rebel assault on the Imperial installation of Scarif was integral to the later events of A New Hope. Without the courage and heroism of Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, and the other Rebels, the Death Star plans would never have been recovered. And without the Rebel fleet arriving in orbit above Scarif and engaging in a desperate space battle with the Imperial garrison fleet, the Rebels sacrificed on the planet below would have lost their lives for nothing. Throughout this battle, the Rebel fleet was commanded by Admiral Raddus in his MC75 cruiser, Profundity. Now, with the Profundity Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: Armada, you’ll be able to bring your own MC75 cruisers into your Rebel fleets! Today, we’ll take a closer look at just what you might expect to find within, as you expand your Rebel armadas with these new Mon Calamari ships. You can pre-order the Profundity Expansion Pack at your local retailer or online through our webstore today! Cruiser Assault The MC75 cruisers belonged to the first generation of warships launched by the Mon Calamari as they escaped from the Imperial occupation of their oceanic homeworld. Converted from passenger craft and even civic structures, these vessels were nonetheless armed with a fierce mix of turbolasers, ion cannons, and proton torpedoes. Among the first of this class was the Profundity, the flagship of Admiral Raddus and the bastion of the Rebel fleet. MC75 cruisers enter your games of Star Wars: Armada with two distinct ship cards: the MC75 Armored Cruiser $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 514, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#E09C').colorbox(opts); }); and the MC75 Ordnance Cruiser. $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 514, innerWidth: 300 }; $('#12F3A').colorbox(opts); }); Perhaps uniquely for the Rebel fleet, the front hull armaments for the MC75 cruiser are nearly as powerful as its flank armaments—five attack dice from the front and from both flanks. It’s up to you to determine which configuration of the MC75 is best for your fleet—and how you’ll use these ships’ stacked range of available upgrades! This Expansion Pack comes with a new commander, who opens the door to cunning strategic choices, starting before you even deploy your fleets. If Admiral Raddus $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#54D6').colorbox(opts); }); is the one leading your ships into battle, you may enter the game at a disadvantage in exchange for better positioning later. Before you deploy your fleet at the beginning of the game, Raddus lets you choose another friendly ship and set that ship aside. Then, at the start of any round, you can deploy that ship close to a friendly ship, bringing it straight into the heat of battle and into perfect position to concentrate fire on the weakest part of your opponent’s formation. Essentially, you’re holding one of your ships back, bringing it out of hyperspace at the perfect moment to change the tide of battle with an unexpected attack. Your attacks become more powerful when you have Caitken and Shollan $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#F10D').colorbox(opts); }); occupying the Weapons Team upgrade slot on a ship like the MC75 cruiser. These Mon Calamari aides to Admiral Raddus can be used to reroll any number of dice of a single color when you’re making an attack. Since the MC75 cruiser boasts three dice of the same color from its front and flank hull zones, you’ll always get good value for using Caitken and Shollan to make your attacks with this cruiser more effective. Alternatively, you may devote both your Weapons Team and Offensive Retrofit upgrade slots to a single individual— Jyn Erso, $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#B556').colorbox(opts); }); a hero of the Rebellion. Provided you spend a Squadron command dial or token, you can target an enemy ship with Jyn Erso to shut down your opponent’s plans with raid tokens. Each raid token matches a single command, and so long as a ship has a raid token, it cannot execute any commands that match the raid token! Jyn Erso lets you issue two raid tokens to the targeted ship, potentially hamstringing your opponent’s plans to repair his ship or concentrate firepower. What’s more, if that ship had a greater tactical significance by having an objective token, Jyn Erso grants you a victory token, as her noble sacrifice brings you one step closer to winning the game. Jyn Erso issues two raid tokens, preventing your opponent’s ship from using two of its commands. The new ordnance included in the Profundity Expansion Pack also gives you the tools to bring down your foes. A Wide-Area Barrage $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#60B1').colorbox(opts); }); may be used during any attack, spending a critical hit from a black die to spread your damage across multiple ships. Provided there’s another enemy ship or squadron at close range to the defender, you can deal that ship half of your total black hits—targeting multiple enemies and spreading your damage across the enemy fleet. If you’re a fan of Admiral Raddus’s ability to hold one of your ships in reserve, you’ll be equally thrilled to see his flagship offers a similar effect with the Profundity $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#E055').colorbox(opts); }); title upgrade. Profundity lets you choose a small ship with a command value of one and set it aside at the beginning of the game. Then, as with Admiral Raddus, you can bring this ship into play at the start of any round, adding a new attacker to your fleet. There is, however, one notable difference when you’re using the Profundity—you may choose to unequip a Commander and an Officer from the Profundity and add them to the ship that you’ve just brought into play! Perhaps your commander’s flagship has been grievously damaged, and you’re in danger of losing some of your most important upgrades. By bringing in another ship and moving your high-ranking officers over, you’ll continue the fight without losing your key personnel. Finally, you can build an entire fleet of Mon Calamari ships and take advantage of their similar design by equipping your “MC” ships with the Mon Calamari Exodus Fleet $(document).ready(function() { var opts = { iframe: true, innerHeight: 309, innerWidth: 200 }; $('#1371E').colorbox(opts); }); upgrade. Hearkening back to the Mon Calamari flight from their homeworld after Imperial occupation, you can use this upgrade to boost your ships’ engineering points and repair your fleet. So long as you have plenty of Mon Calamari ships in your fleet, it’s certainly worth considering if you want to declare that your fleet is a detachment of the Mon Calamari Exodus Fleet. Fighting for Freedom Admiral Raddus and the crew of the Profundity were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that the Rebellion could survive. It’s up to you to honor that commitment by adding new MC75 cruisers to your fleet. Pre-order your copies of the Profundity Expansion Pack (SWM30) at your local retailer or online through our website today! Discuss this article in our forums! Star Wars: Armada is an epic two-player game of tactical fleet battles in the Star Wars universe. Massive Star Destroyers fly to battle against Rebel corvettes and frigates. Banks of turbolasers unleash torrential volleys of fire against squadrons of X-wing and TIEs. As Rebel and Imperial fleets collide, it is your job to issue the commands that will decide the course of battle and, ultimately, the fate of the galaxy. © &amp; TM Lucasfilm Ltd.  

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