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SaarCon 2017: Deutsche Meisterschaft Malifaux - Information and Rules

International guests are welcome. Come and win the German Grand Tournament/Masters ;-)

Crews Standard Gaining Grounds 2017:
- Fraktion Fest, in der Fraktion freie Wahl für jedes Spiel
- Keine "Pool-beschränkung"
- Jedes Spiel wird mit einer 50SS Liste bestritten
Bemalte Modelle wären schön, sind aber kein muss.

Crews are built according to the Gaining Grounds 2017 rule set:
- Fixed faction, choose your master for every game
- No model restrictions
- Every game is played with a 50 SS list
Painted crews are very much appreciated but they are not mandatory.

Strategys, Aufstellung und Schemes: (Using Gaining Ground 2017 Rotation, 2017 Schemes)

3 Spiele Samstag / 3 games on Saturday

Spiel/Game 1:
Guard the Stash, Standard Deployment
- Claim Jump, Dig their Graves, Accusation!, Recover Evidence, Covert Breaktrough

Spiel/Game 2:
Reckoning, Corner Deployment
- Claim Jump, Leave your Mark, Dig their Graves, Hunting Party, Eliminate the Leadership

Spiel/Game 3:
Squatter's Rights, Flank Deployment
- Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Leave your Mark,Search the Ruins, Inspection

2 Spiele Sonntag / 2 games on Sunday

Spiel/Game 4:
Reconoiter, Standard Deployment
- Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Accusation!, Set Up, Undercover Entourage

Spiel/Game 5:
Collect the Bounty, Close Deployment
- Claim Jump, Accusation!,Leave your Mark, Show of Force, Last Stand

Nachts werden wir auch spielen.
You will also have opportunities to play through the night!

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