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NTRv3.0 - National Tournament Ranking France - Hordes of the Things

Start of the data acquistion: 2006-01-01
Last update: 2019-02-13 05:30
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1 -Jean-Pierre aka "tabnet"FVersailles54.39
2 -Vincent aka "Syagrius"FParis22.92
3 -Claude aka "coyote139"FSaulx Les Chartreux62.57
4 -Nicolas aka "astronico"FParis32.42
5 -Armand aka "hoelyann"FHouilles62.03
6 -François C.FIvry Sur Seine11.55
7 -Fabien aka "fabfig"BBruxelles10.78
8 -Alexandre aka "diabloy"FSaulx Les Chartreux40.68
9 -Stephane aka "Leoten"FThoiry20.55
10 -Fabien aka "Warfabien"BBruxelles40.42
11 -Denis aka "Walktapus"FFontenay Aux Roses20.26
12 -Didier aka "Arindel"FParis20.14
13 -Pierre aka "Agecanonix"FChoisy Au Bac20.12
14 -Nicolas aka "niko1970"FLe Havre10.08
15 -Jean-Pierre D.FChoisy Au Bac10.06
16 -François aka "brasva"FChevreuse10.04
17 -Sylvain aka "Stilgar"FSainte Adresse10.02
18 -Nicolas aka "nicolas334"FVerrieres Le Buisson10.00
19 -Antoine aka "SmilyGoblin"FParis10.00
19 -Michael aka "astronomike"FParis10.00
20 -Christian F.FVillebon Sur Yvette10.00
21 -Marc C.FClamart10.00
22 -Gregory aka "gloarmy"FOrcemont10.00
23 -Hoël aka "yannhoel"FHouilles10.00
24 -Thomas aka "Thomas31"FSainte-Foy-De-Peyrolières10.00
25 -Frédéric aka "frudius"FLa Celle St Cloud30.00

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