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NTRv3.0 - National Tournament Ranking France - Dreadball

Start of the data acquistion: 2006-01-01
Last update: 2019-02-13 05:30
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1 -Mathieu aka "oursinet"FSt Doulchard52.66
2 -Richard aka "trottemenu"FMenetou-Salon51.95
3 -Nicolas aka "Alarys"FSaint Georges Sur Moulon41.73
4 -Nicolas aka "Lamanzer"FLa Chapelle St Ursin21.34
5 -Gilles aka "Gil"FPougues Les Eaux51.18
6 -Arnaud aka "Deudz"FBourges40.94
7 -Océane aka "Yoche"FPlou30.90
8 -Louis aka "Deuch"FBourges30.61
9 -Jérémie aka "Jerem"FBourges10.53
10 -Florent aka "Oberon-Grimwold"FPlou30.49
11 -Ludovic aka "Schninkel"FBourges10.37
12 -Fabrice aka "Gylraen"FMothormier20.27
13 -Yann aka "Zolthaar"FLe Petit Quevilly10.24
14 -Willy aka "PereFouettard"FBourges10.21
15 -Schinkel aka "Dupont"FBourges10.18
16 -Bruno aka "walkyris"FRouen10.16
17 -Franck aka "Franck_y"FBonsecours10.12
18 -Julien aka "Juju"FBourges10.09
19 -Amaury aka "amaurydino"FRouen10.00

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