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Annoucement - 2011
anc2011-08-24 14:51
ETC is done: Poland and Germany are the winners

A couple of long days are behind. In a phenomenal location right at Lake Geneva in Montreux the Swiss organized the top event of the year. It was an awesome atmosphere with 52 teams from 30 countries. You can get some impressions on our Facebook page.

Winner WHFB: Poland
Winner 40K: Germany

Winner of the ETC Shield (best WHFB and 40K): Poland

* Results Warhammer
* Results Warhammer 40K
* Pictures on the T³ Facebook page
* Video coverage by RankingsHQ
anc2011-08-15 16:04
ETC starts on Wednesday

We're getting close: The ETC starts soon. There's a real buzz of activty going on in the Switzerlands and the first teams have arrived. On Wednesday the first events will start:

We/Th: European Single Championship
Sa/Su: European Team Championship

Each with Warhammer Fantasy and 40K. Next to the ETC there'll be Side Events again for those who come along with their teams and want to experience the flair of an international tournament.

For all those staying at home there'll be a couple of possibilities to stay informed. Besides the miscellaneous forums you can visit our Facebook page, follow our Twitter account or watch the hashtag #ETC11 in general.

From the T³ team Blackhawk, Echsodus (IT gurus) and Tom_ep (40K judge) will be on the stage.

For all participants and interested parties: Have fun!
anc2011-05-18 16:20
ETC 2011 is near

The greatest tournament event 2011 is coming... checkout our recently updated ETC page with everything about the ETC 2011. This year it's held in the Switzerlands. More and more teams are signing up for the team event and we're again powering the sign up for the official European Singleplayer Championship (ESC) and the side events for the people who're at the location, but not participating in the team event.

* ETC 2011
anc2011-03-01 19:46
Important: T³ needs you now

Around a year ago I've spoken about the future of T³. A lot of things happened in the last 12 months. Especially the European Tournament Championchips (ETC) are mentionable. As announced back then something has to change for the future.

Read the full article here
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