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News - NTR 2012 without team tournaments - Update

(Permalink)T³ - NTR 2012 without team tournaments - Update
2012-01-03 17:46

With the latest update to the NTR algorithm (v2.8) we're going to test this year how the rankings develop without the impact of team tournaments. There have been a bunch on controverse discussions on their influence and we'll check this out now. Keep in mind that this can easily be reverted as no results will get lost.

We'll keep an eye on the rankings and would like to get feedback from the community no this. There are a couple of things which could improve the NTR, but we're going to stick to small iterations like before.

Update: I just reverted the change due to the overwhelming feedback. Everbody can see the difference between the two variants in his NTR profile as the "team tournament"-less placement is marked as the previous placement.

I'll start a discussion on how to solve this issue.

Written by Blackhawk

#12012-01-19 12:00

Link to see the NTR algorithm (v2.8)?

Written by Dreadaxe (Contact)

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