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NTR/ETR - April 2012
ntr2012-04-10 15:37
Modification of the NTR computation - Update 2

With the next update of the NTR we'll roll out the first modification, which will reduce the influence of team tournaments. With this update the influence of team tournaments will be reduced mathematical to the same level as the single player events.

Currently a team tournament of size X will grant more points as a single event of the same size. This is based on every team member getting the points of the team's placement. Looking at teams of 3 the first place gets average points for the 1st place ((1+1+1) / 3) while the average of a single event is a 2nd place ((1+2+3) / 3).

The new version will update the formula to match this issue so that every team member will only get the "average points". The placement bonus will also be splitted.

Many thanks to the gamers users who gave us a head sup on this mathematical issue. I couldn't find their names right now. Thanks!

We'll checkout how the rankings will react on this change and decide afterwards wether we need more reduction or not. Due to the modification the NTR won't be calculated automatically in the morning, but during the day so that I can have an eye on what's going on.

Update: Modification is now online.

Update 2: There was an issue with the points on the NTR player pages. The placement bonus was taken into account twice. This was only a display issue. The actual calculation was correct. Thanks to Fenryll for bringing this to our attention.
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