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New Feature - 2010
func2010-09-27 14:02
New feature: Tournament List Image Creation Tool ;-)

As previewed on Facebook our brand new ultimate Tournament List Image Creation Tool is available for public use. Everbody who'd like to have a list of our tournaments on his website and who had problems to use our RSS tournament feeds or API should take a look at our new page.

On the page everybody can create a link to a tournament list as an image with a couple of simple steps. You can then integrate the image on a website or in a forum easily.

Link: Tournament List Image Creation Tool ;-)

Write a comment and show us where and how you're using the images.
func2010-07-27 18:41
New club pages online

A fresh update just went online. Its main goal was to improve the gaming club pages. New features are available and the content shown on the pages got some facelift.

New features:
* Multiple club admins per club
* Selectable tabletops played by the club
* Email notification on membership requests
* Membership request integrated into the club page

Public club page:
* Display cleaned up :)
* List of the played tabletops and their players
* List of the tournaments club members are participating in

This is part 1 of the club improvements for now. We still have a couple of things on the wishlist, but this will come with a separate update later. One feature included will be a search function for the clubs, so that you can then search for a club in your surrounding, which is playing your favourite tabletop.

It'd be great, if everybody could take a look at his club page. If the club admin has changed inbetween and admin access is "lost", please contact an admin.

Do you like the new pages? Do you miss any feature?
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