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Game Systems - 2007
game2007-09-19 12:43
Flames of War - Update

With the help of Mister_Pink we could update the - a little bit dusty - armyselection of Flames of War. It's now based on the newest rules releases.
game2007-09-13 12:36

We updated our supported gamesystems:

Wargods (of Aegyptus)
Since their are now the subsystems "Wargods of Olympus" and "Wargods of Hyperborea" we updated the support of the complete Wargods game. You can now select each scenario as an armygroup and mix them up freely.

New to T³ is the new game from Urban Mammoth: Metropolis. This moves the skirmish fights from Urban war to a higher, epic level. More information can be found on the manufacturer's website.
game2007-07-01 13:30

We now support these additional tabletops:

* Anima Tactics (Website)
* Rezolution (Website)
* Heavy Gear Blitz (Website)
* Jovian Chronicles (Website)
* Gear Krieg (Website)
* Hell Dorado (Website)
game2007-03-16 17:41
Update: The Lord of the Rings

Thanks to TuShan we now have a complete list of all playable LotR fractions.
game2007-03-13 09:08
New Gamesystem: AT-43

We now support the newest game manufactured by Rackham: AT-43
game2007-02-07 15:32
Warhammer 40K - Armylists and -groups

We extended the support for Warhammer 40K. We added some armylists and some special armygroups (like one with all the (Chaos) Space Marine Legions, if you as an organiser would like to differ in this issue).
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