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New Feature - August 2006
func2006-08-22 15:32
New Feature: Players' Awards

You know them from many tournaments: "Best General", "Best Painted", "Youngblood" and so on. Now T³ supports them to: special players' award (also know as "softawards").

After a T³-tournament has been finished and the results are entered, the organiser can give these awards in the following categories to the players:

* Best General
* Fairest Player
* Best Painted
* Quizmaster
* Best Armycomposition
* Youngblood

These awards are shown on different sites on T³.
func2006-08-18 13:39
New Feature: tournament groups

As there are more and more really big events, where tournaments of different games run parallel, we added a feature to facilitate the administration of such events.

Therefore you can group parallel tournaments to one event. So you can use the normally tournamentspecific functions like the email and the news systems groupwide.
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